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Philippa Jane Anderson. (MA)


Two genres,two generations of artistic movements intersect with each other, creating a place where contradictions co exist.Disjunctive kinds of everything, hidden in plain sight, create a realm in which one can lose oneself.

Implied abstract imagery reveals conflict between beauty and desolation ,whilst Romanticism and Modernism combine with clashing qualities of drawing and painting. Images develop through a series of intuitive acts. Repeated applications of thin films of ink and paint build depth and patina. Layers are often removed by washing and scrubbing, revealing a palimpsest of faded marks and former painterly decisions, exposing the underbelly, vulnerable and tender. 

If you are interested in purchasing my work please email me using the contact page or DM me on instagram @pja_fineart.

Philippa Anderson


MA Fine Art. 2018

BA ( Hons) Fine Art.



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